I'm Courtney, a twenty-one year old college student, Texas resident, and cat enthusiast. This is a slice into my life and innermost thoughts.

I made the mistake of looking at the total amounts of all the loans I have taken out since starting college.

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Birthday is coming up…all I want is pizza and succulents.

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Green Eyes - Wavves
Green eyes, I’d run away with you
Green eyes, ‘cause I’m a fool

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I finally looked at my graded organic chem lab midterm, and oh crap was my instructor being generous.
Haha I soooo fucked up everything.

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My GOLDEN birthday is coming up!
So exciting.

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I have to do a powerpoint presentation over my research proposal for ecology lab.

I asked my lab instructor if I could just put a bunch of cute cat pictures on slides instead, he said if I did I’d get extra credit.

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Graduated Cylinder