I'm Courtney, a twenty-two year old college student, Texas resident, and cat enthusiast. This is a slice into my life and innermost thoughts.

I oxidized my finger in my quantitative analysis chem lab……my skin is going to fall off.

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Hey y’all come watch spring breakers with me….I’m sad

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I hope my neighbors can’t hear my crying /:

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Well thanks for a horrible week…..with more terrible weeks to come.

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New “Couses” guys….

I guess it was incredibly pointless to have two day shipping for the book I ordered, since the incompetent people that work in the office for my apartment don’t contact you when your package is in the office.  My book was delivered yesterday before 5, I should have it. 

fuck those stupid children.

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New “Couses” guys….

Sleeping alone is making me feel worse.

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The person who is supposed to make you the happiest, making you feel destroyed.
It’s the worst.

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Hopefully ordering my school ring today.

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i’m important, i love me. me.  (via battybatty)

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